Adventure Activities Rishikesh

It’s true that adventure never comes from outside, it’s born with a man. if you really want to explore adventure at its deepest, there are rich opportunities in Rishikesh. Spellbound with majestic peaks and mountains, captivating rivers, challenging terrains and other natural wonders, Rishikesh is an array of adventure thrill in the world. Surrounded by high mountain ranges, mighty rivers and dense forests, Rishikesh is the perfect geographical location for all types of adventure activities. Here is a list of adventure sports that would help you to select the one which is best for you.

1. Camping

Camping is a recreational activity and a part of Rishikesh’s adventurous sports. Camping offers you night stay facility amidst the natural beauty and foothills of the Himalayas, which gives you an amazing feeling. Camping also gives you the enjoyment of so many fun-filled outdoor games like volleyball, football, badminton and bonfire which are enough to enhance your camping trip at Rishikesh. Tents are well decorated with basic facilities to provide you a homely stay and each tent can have two beds. The camps also serve you hot delicious food, that is cooked in their own kitchen. For all those people who heartily love thrill and adventure, it is an opportunity they would not like to miss.

2. River Rafting

If you are getting bored with your slug life, then you must do something sparkly, which kicks your life and makes you more burly. River rafting in Rishikesh is one of the perfect adventure thrills for both experienced ones and amateurs. Here, you will face all kinds of challenges in front of the rugged river, from mild bumps to extreme turbulence, from short to scrap falls, rocky mountains and shining blue water with the feeling of freshness in the midst of natural environment. There are five levels of grades lying between 1 to 5. You can select the grade according to your challenging strength. The stretch between Kaudiyala to Shivpuri is the most adventurous and popular.

The requirement for Rafting:
Best Season: March – April – May and late September – October to Mid November.
Age Limit: Minimum 12 years and Maximum 65
Weight Limit: Minimum 40 kg.

3. Kayaking

If you are visiting Rishikesh for white water rafting, that’s great but, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the kayaking activity. It is a very adventurous water sport activity done in Rishikesh. If you want to enjoy the river and its scenic beauty, then a guided kayaking tour is one of the best options. The River Ganges offers you a number of great rapids to commence on a Kayaking expedition. You can select a rapid according to your physical strength.

4. Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping is also as amazing as the other adventure activities. Jumping into the river from a height of 35 ft is just an awesome thrill for those who are real adventure enthusiasts. Get ready for some adrenaline pumping action as you climb up to a cliff and get yourself prepared to jump off. It is very safe and the best thing is that it is also safer for non-swimmers. You will be wearing a life jacket to keep yourself afloat on the water. So, be ready to make your trip memorable for many, many years to come.

Some Detail for Bungee Jumping

Cliff Height: 35 ft.

5. Bungee Jumping

Can you listen to your heart beats, while having a jump from a height of 83 meters above the sea level? Yes, it is true that there is an another heart beating adventure thrill called Bungee Jumping, operated by Jumping Heights in Rishikesh with the team of New Zealand. The activity is done with all kinds of safety gears including chest harness, tested ropes and all the activities are performed under the supervision of experts. If you are one of those who live their life without fear, you must do this adventure thrill.

After doing this heart beating thrill, the jumpers will have to drop into the river (drop zone) which is only 2 feet in water level. But don’t forget to collect your dare to jump Certificate, photographs & video, which is as important as this memorable moment.

Some Detail for Bungee Jumping
Weight: Minimum 40kg and Maximum 110kg.
Age Limit: Minimum 12 years
Timing: 8:20 Am. – 6:30 Pm.
Weekly Off: Tuesday
Location: Mohanchatti

6. Cycling

Traveling in Uttarakhand on a cycle through the landscapes is the ultimate option of exploring the beauty of Uttarakhand. The rugged mountains and sharp slopes, though risky at times, offer a great cycling experience in Uttarakhand. Use the slow mode of traveling and feel the refreshing wind blowing through your ears and enjoy the freedom to discover and experience Uttarakhand in an incredible and a different way.

7. Rappelling

Don’t forget to experience this interesting activity and string sport called rappelling. Climbing down a cliff in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh is a lot of fun. This activity is done under the guidance of experts, who will provide you rappelling equipments like gloves, harness, slings, ropes, and helmet. Before starting of activity, you can have an introductory session with the expert climbers and instructors. The adventure activity can be enjoyed by all (men, women, and kids), who are physically fit and have the stamina to challenge the cliffs.

8. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is also a popular adventure activity in Rishikesh. Across many districts of Uttarakhand, about 8 miles from the beautiful city of Rishikesh, this is perfect for those who want to ride over the rough terrain and test their skills. In this adventure, you will ride bicycles passing through lush green forest valleys, Hindu Colony, temples and mountain villages. It is an outstanding experience, which you will cherish for a lifetime. Paddling through the hills with a heart-warming sunset view and snowy peaks of the Himalayas will be a great experience for you. But you have to have a good stamina for this adventure activity.

9. Waterfall Trekking

It is really very exciting, trekking around nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Rishikesh city is situated in a region surrounded by a very famous forest reserve : The Rajaji National Park. There are many hidden waterfall trekking areas in this National Park. This activity can be done by all age groups. If you want to add some spice to your adventure tour, then you must do this trekking activity.

10. Yoga

Rishikesh is a world famous destination for “Yoga and Meditation” in the foothills of Himalayas. There are many yoga centers and ashrams to do yoga and meditation in Rishikesh. Experience yoga around the riverside beaches and regenerate your mind, body and soul with a new aura. The yoga sessions help you with many things like motivation, mental peace, stress and health problems. Numerous people visit here from across the world for their conscience development and they leave this place after a long time. There are some popular yoga places like Parmarth Niketan, Swami Dayananda Ashram, Omkarananda Ganga Sadan and Anand Prakash Ashram.

11. Beach Volleyball

If you want to spend some quality time with your friends or family and get together, then it is a good option to play Volleyball near the camp site. You will surely enjoy this activity on the soft sandy natural floor. It also works as an exercise to check your stamina level. This activity is for all those who want to play in the midst of peaceful environment. So, plan your trip to Rishikesh and you will definitely find it amazing and exciting.

12. Flying Fox

If you have ever wished to fly in the sky, but you never got the chance to try it, so now you should be happy because Rishikesh, the “Land of Adventure”, is offering you a chance to enjoy one of the most exciting activities – “Flying Fox”. The adventure thrill can be done by three or one person at a time. You are harnessed to the wire and released by gravity, rolled down up to 7 meters above the sea level and accelerated with the speed of 160 kph. It is a really great thrilling experience, which can’t be forgotten in a lifetime.

Some Details of Flying Fox
Flying Fox height: Approx 120 meters.
Length: 1km.
Speed: Up to 160 kph

13. Swing

It is an another thrilling experience for adventure lovers, which is called Swing. This exhilarating adventure, done by 2 people, is carried out from bungee jumping point with the height of 83 meters. If you want to check your body strength, then you must do this adventure. After doing this activity you can also take your photographs and DVD for your future memories.

Requirements for Swing
Age: Minimum – 12 yrs
Weight: Minimum – 30 kg, Maximum – 120 kg.

If you are planning for long holidays and also love to enjoy camping, rafting, trekking and other adventure sports, you must visit Uttarakhand, this summer. Yes, summer is the perfect time to plan your long holidays in Uttarakhand and explore a new off-beat destination. Uttarakhand offers you an array of opportunities to enjoy in the midst of the lush green forests, rich wildlife and mind blowing mountains. Just pack your bags and go ahead to visit Uttarakhand to enjoy the adventure and make your trip mesmerizing

Mentioned below are the top 10 summer camping destinations where you can spend your holidays in a hustle free environment.

1. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is an ideal place for summer camping in Uttarakhand, which offers you a chance to experience camping on the banks of river Ganges. Just imagine how exciting and fun it would be when you get a chance to stay in camps on a white sand beach with your family and friends. During camping, you can enjoy some other adventure activities according to your choice like rafting, body surfing, cliff jump, rappelling, bungee jumping and flying fox. Bonfire at night and camp’s own cooked delicious food can add an extra spice to your camping trip.

2. Sattal

Nestled in the heart of the Uttarakhand Valley, a cluster of seven lakes, Sattal is considered as a perfect summer destination where you can go with your family and enjoy the camping stay in the midst of lush green rolling mountains. The picturesque location also offers you a tranquil and peaceful environment to stay, where you can relax your mind, body and soul. Apart from this, if you are interested, you can go for hiking and bird watching. If you are lucky, you may sight a Barking Deer grazing in the forest.

3. Pangot

Located at a place 13 km from the Lake city of Nainital, Pangot is an another summer camping spot for camp lovers. The main attraction of this place is the birds found here, one can also call it a bird watchers’ paradise, where you can find 580 species of birds. Being blessed with the pristine natural beauty and salubrious climate in summer, the place is a perfect option for summer holidays. During camping, you can also go for bird watching and trekking. While trekking, you may get a chance to spot some wild animals like Barking Deer, Ghoral and Sambhar.

4. Kanatal

Located around 38 km away from Mussoorie, Kanatal is a tiny village, which is a perfect choice for an outdoor camp stay in Uttarakhand. Being located at an altitude of 2590 meter above the sea level, the hill station is blessed with rich verdant forests with a variety of multi-colored flowers and fruit trees. The hill station is situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city and provides you a very quiet and peaceful ambiance, so you can also practice yoga, go for trekking or nature walks.

5. Deoria Tal

Considered as one of the most ideal destinations for adventure lovers, Deoria Tal is located around 3 km on the uphill trek from the Sari Village. The beautiful hill station is perched at an elevation of 2438 meter above the sea level and offers you a perfect summer camping. Enjoying camping in the midst of crystal clear lake, lush green surroundings, and snow clad mountains is an amazing experience. Apart from camping, trekking is also a charm of this place, which is the best way to explore the beauty of Deoria Tal.

6. Chopta

Chopta is one of the most popular camping destinations in India, which is a part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and also the base for trek trail to Tungnath. The unspoiled beauty of this charming hill station offers the view of the eye-catching Himalayan ranges including Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi and Trishul. During camping, one can head out for some interesting treks like Chandrashila, Tungnath, Deoria Tal and Dodi Tal. Whenever you visit Chopta for summer camping, don’t miss the chance to go for trekking, to complete your holidays in Chopta.

7. Dhanaulti

Located at an elevation of 2886 meters above the sea level, Dhanaulti is an another popular destination for adventure seekers. This beautiful tiny hill station is surrounded by lush green oak and rhododendron forests, which provide a perfect environment for summer camping. The peaceful environment of this hill station offers you an ideal place for relaxation in the laps of Mother Nature. During camping, you can also opt for yoga practicing, if you are interested.

8. Chaukori

A lesser known destination of Uttarakhand, Chaukori is situated 36 kms away from Gangolihat and 53 kms from Bageshwar. This beautiful hamlet is perched at an elevation of 2010 meters above the sea level with magnificent views of the snowy peaks of Nanda Devi, Panchachuli, and Nanda Kot peaks. If you are looking for a new destination for camping in hill stations, Chaukori can be a perfect option for you. It might be a good chance to explore the magnificent beauty of a new destination and an opportunity to be the witness of beautiful sunrise and sunset at Uttarakhand.

9. Tons Valley

Perched at an elevation of 3000 meters above sea level in the valley of Uttarakhand, Tons Valley is one of the most fun-filled camping destinations for camp lovers. This valley can be visited by everyone, families, friends. Apart from camping, people, here, can also experience rafting, trekking, light nature walk, angling and birding. The beautiful valley is surrounded by dense forests of pine, deodar, oak, jamun, chestnut and rhododendron.

10. Dayra Bugyal

Just imagine yourself at an elevation of 3048 meters above sea level, at a location set in a beautiful lush green meadow in front of the enchanting Himalayan ranges. Now, convert your imagination into reality by going on camping to Dayara Bugyal. Yes, it is true that Dayara Bugyal is amongst the best places to go for camping in Uttarakhand. Besides camping, trekking is also the main charm of this place and it is believed that most of the trekkers announce Dayara Bugyal as one of the best meadows in India. A small lake in the area with crystal clear water added to the beauty of Dayara Bugyal. The place is also surrounded with Oak, Pine, and Rhododendron trees’ colorful forests, which make this place even more beautiful.