The term camp comes from the Latin word ‘campus’, which means ‘field’; which further means an open part of the ground. As we know camping is the best way to take rest from the daily routine of our mundane life. It refreshes our inner strength and gives wonderful ways to lay back and indulge in leisure activities. Nowadays, the popularity of Rishikesh Beach Camping is increasing day by day.

What is beach camping

When camps are located at the banks of a river, only then it is called Beach camp/camping. You always get to hear a melodious sound which always makes you feel close to the nature. Campgrounds are structured at a distance of around 40 m to 70 m from the river. Mostly, beach camps or tents look like the primitive structure of nylon but are made by fabric (safari tents).

Rishikesh is situated at the bank of holy River Ganga which offers the perfect spot for beach camping. Beach camping at “Marine Drive”, “Shivpuri” and “Byasi” are the most famous destinations for silver sand beach camping at Rishikesh.

Beach Camping Facilities and activities

Beach camping offers you adventure sports like river rafting, swimming, body surfing, kayaking and some beach games. There are temporary toilets, no lights (electricity), no sound and water is stored in buckets for use.

Terms for Beach Camping

There are some important terms that will help you during outdoor camping and river rafting.

Don’t take any risk at the river side, it may be dangerous for you. If you have any problem, talk to your camping guide. Don’t go into the river without safety kits, life jackets, wetsuits and a permission from the guide. Keep your important belongings with you like – camera, torch, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Best time to stay at Beach Camping

The best time to stay at beach camps is from March to April and from October to December.

January and February are very cold months and fog surrounds all the camping areas at the river site. So, people should not prefer these months. May, June and July are summer months so, the possibility of sunburns increases here. Camps are located near the river where tents blow with air. August and September, as we know these are heavy raining months, beach camping can’t be done in these months.

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