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About Trekking in North India

Discover the perfect trekking destinations in India and immerse yourself in the adventure. If you really love to trek in hill stations, then India is a perfect place for you. Here, you will not only explore trekking but also enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of the surroundings. India offers you a chance to explore trekking in the different regions of the country, which is a great chance to go deeper and understand the actual beauty of this region. So, just pack your bags and move ahead to visit these popular trekking destinations.

Roopkund Trek, Uttaranchal

If you are a trek and hike enthusiast and haven’t done the Roopkund trek, then you must plan for it immediately. The trek offers you unique experiences, from lush green forests to sparkling rivers and lakes. It takes you through the most beautiful places in the Himalayan region. Lohajung is the starting point of this trek and it will take around 8 days to complete this trek. During this trek, you will also enjoy a magnificent view of Skeleton Lake, Roopkund and a breathtaking view of majestic mountain peaks like Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba & Trishul and Rudugaira with lush green meadows of Bedini and Ali.

Area: Garhwal Himalayas
Duration: 08 Days (5 days trekking and 3 days traveling)
Best Season: Mid May – Mid October
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 5029 m.
Total Trekking: 60 K.M

Har Ki Doon Trek, Uttarakhand

Har Ki Doon trek is one of the most popular stunning treks of Uttarakhand, which is an ideal pick for an amateur. The extravagant 9 days Har Ki Doon trek is nestled in the midst of dense alpine forests on the base of Fateh Parvat at the height of 3556 m, which offers you verdant alpine meadows and stunning greeneries with the snow-capped mountain ranges. The highly recommended nine days long Har Ki Doon trek starts from Sankri village which is blessed with nature’s delights. The valley is rich in a variety of flora & fauna and is also a paradise for nature lovers as well bird watchers.

Area: Garhwal Himalayas
Duration: 9 Days (7 days trekking and 2 days travel)
Best Season: Apr-Jun, Sep-Nov
Grade: Easy
Altitude: 3600m
Total Trekking: 64 K.M

Milam Glacier Trek, Uttarakhand

Milam Glacier Trek is one of the perfect trekking options for those who want to walk on the glaciers, crossing through the dense forests, gazing up at a clear starry sky and enjoying the natural environment which makes your adventure vacation memorable for the lifetime. Located at a height of 4,268 meters above the sea level, the Milam Glacier Trek starts from the base camp Munsiyari, a tiny village which is 300 km away from Kathgodam. The trekking trail offers you breathtaking views of Hardeol, Deo Damla (6,637 m), Mangraon (6,568 m) and Sakram (6,254 m), which are enough for this trekking trip.

Area: Kumaon Himalaya
Duration: 13 days (4 days traveling/9 days trekking)
Best Season: April – June & Sept – Oct
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 4150 mts/13612 ft
Total Trekking: 116 K.M

Pindari Glacier Trek, Uttarakhand

Pindari Glacier Trek of Kumaon region is a must-to-visit destination for trekking enthusiasts. If you want to complete your trekking record in India, then never miss this trekking trail that heartily welcomes you anytime between summer and early winter. The trek to Pindari Glacier is a wonderful trekking trail that offers you magnificent snow capped glaciers, mesmerizing landscapes, rocky terrains and dense forest trail. The trekking trail starts from Loharkhet, a tiny hamlet of Kumaon region which is 20 km far from Bageshwar district. The trekking trail passes through a series of picturesque places like Dwali, Dhakuri and Phurkia with lush green forest trail.

Area: Kumaon Himalaya
Duration: 10 Days (4 days traveling/6 days trekking)
Best Season: Mid April – Mid October
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 4150 mts/13612 ft
Total Trekking: 110 K.M

Kafni Glacier Trek, Uttarakhand

Located at the highest and the most breathtaking area of the Kumaon Himalayas, Kafni Glacier provides an amazing trekking trail for the adventure junkies. The scenic beauty of this place is very heartwarming which includes snow covered mountains peaks, remote villages and a crystal clear river to captivate your heart. It is the only trek leading from Uttarakhand that offers you the chance to enjoy camping on verdant grasslands. The trek starts from Song and crosses Khatri, Loharkhet, Phurkia, Dwali and at last reaches Kafni Glacier. On the way of this trek, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the Pindari Glacier, sparkling rivers, beautiful waterfalls and lush green meadows with blooming wildflowers. Trekkers can also be the witness of a breathtaking view of the Nandakot (6860 m) and Nanda Bhanar (6236 m) from the Kafni Glacier.

Area: Kumaon Himalaya
Duration: 11 Days (4 days traveling/7 days trekking)
Best Season: Mid April – Mid October
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 4150 mts/13612 ft
Total Trekking: 85 K.M

Kauri Pass Trek, Garhwal

Kauri Pass Trek is one of the most popular treks in the Indian Himalayan region, which is located in the Garhwal Himalayas. The enchanting trek passes through the lush green dense forests of oak, alpine, conifer and rhododendron. You can also explore a variety of wild animals and birds including leopards and black bears. Throughout this trek, you will explore an eye-catching view of high mountain ranges including Trishul at 7,120 m, Kedarnath at 6,968 m, Neelkanth at 6,596 m, Kamet’s pyramid of granite at 7,756 m and Nanda Devi at 7,740 m. The Kuari Pass trek starts from Selu Bagar and takes around 9 days to complete this trek.

Area: Garhwal Himalayas
Duration: 9 Days (6 days trekking and 3 days traveling)
Best Season: Mid-April – November
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 4150 m
Total Trekking: 55 K.M

Hampta Pass Trek, Manali

Hampta Pass Trek in Manali is an ideal trekking destination for those who love to explore mountains and want to experience adventure in the laps of the Himalayas. Perched at an elevation of 14000 feet above mean sea level, the trek is perfect for experienced as well as amateur mountaineers. The extravagant trek starts from the scenic spot of Manali and takes you through amazing places and deep forests of Oak, Pine, and Rhododendron. The Hampta River also serves as a bridge for the natives of Hampta to reach Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The Hampta Pass Trek starts from the Prini Village, then goes uphill and offers the splendid beauty of lush green landscapes with panorama view of the misty mountains.

Area: Kullu and Spiti Valley (Himachal Pradesh)
Duration: 9 Days (4 days traveling and 5 days trekking)
Best Season: Mid-June to October
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 4227 m/14600 ft
Total Trekking: 50 K.M

Valley of Flowers Trekking, Uttaranchal

Perched at an elevation of 3300 m to 3650 m above sea level, the beautiful valley is a paradise for nature lovers. Valley of Flowers trek starts from the Bhuindhar village, which covers around a 87 square km area. The valley blooms with the heavy collection of wildflower species from June, to till early September. Here, you can explore about 520 species of flowering plants and it’s also declared as a National Park in 1982. The Valley of Flowers trek starts from Ghangaria to high mountain ranges at a height of 43,00 meters. During this trek, you will explore some popular pilgrimage sites like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Joshimath and Hemkund Sahib and also enjoy snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows, murmuring waterfalls and numerous colorful wildflowers.

Area: Garhwal Himalayas
Duration: 07 Days
Best Season: Late June to Early September
Grade: Moderate
Max-Altitude: 4328 Mts
Total Trekking: 50 K.M

Great Lakes Trek, Jammu & Kashmir

Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir is a trek in North India which leaves you spellbound. The beautiful place will definitely force you to go for this trek in the midst of charming beauty. One of the most popular places of this state, Srinagar, the summer capital of North India, captivates your mind with its mind blowing flower gardens, lakes, and houseboats. During this trek, you will explore beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows, rocky terrains and crystal clear rivers, which are enough to complete a perfect trekking experience.

Area: Kashmir
Duration: 08 Days
Best Season: July to September
Grade: Moderate
Max-Altitude: 13,750 fit
Total Trekking: 63 K.M

Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Considered as the most thrilling and challenging trekking trail in Himachal Pradesh, Pin Parvati Pass Trek, to the Spiti Valley, is the most popular trek in North India. Perched at an altitude of 5,319 meters above the sea level, it offers you beautiful views of magnificent mountains, sparkling rivers, high gradients and beautiful passes. The 100 km high trek is perfect for checking your energy level and boost up yourself. The trek starts from the beautiful location of Manali and passes through some scenic locations including Barsheni, Manikaran, Tunda Bhuj, Thakur Kuan, Odi Thach and Mantalai. This 16 days trek is a peerless adventure opportunity for all the trekking lovers who want to relax in the midst of picturesque panorama of mother nature.

Area: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 16 Days
Best Season: July – September
Grade :Tough
Altitude: 5319 m/17452 ft
Total Trekking: 108 K.M

Bhrigu Lake Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Bhrigu Lake Trek in Himachal Pradesh gets you the opportunity to explore the endless beauty of this region. Combined with the stunning view of snow capped mountains, amazing natural beauty, and verdant meadows, the Bhrigu Lake trek is the most popular trekking trail of Himachal Pradesh amongst trek and nature lovers. Located at an elevation of 14000 ft above sea level, the Bhrigu Lake Trek starts from Gulaba, which is a small village of this region, and passes through dense lush green forest trails, blooming fruit orchards, picturesque villages and the popular Vashisht village. Considered as the most beautiful trek of Manali region, the Bhrigu Lake trek provides you an unexpected satisfaction and bliss during this trek.

Area: Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 08 Days
Best Season: Mid May – October
Grade: Easy
Altitude: 4235m/13890 ft
Total Trekking: 48 K.M

Indrahar Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Packed with beautiful lakes, verdant forests, sparkling rivers and mesmerizing landscapes, the Indrahar Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular treks in India, that captivates several travelers’ hearts from all over the country and they are forced to attend this trekking trail once in a lifetime. Perched at a towering height of 4,342 meters above the sea level, the Indrahar Pass Trek starts from the border between Kangra and Chamba districts, which is a part of a very popular trekking trail from Dharamshala, and offers an amazing glimpse of the tiny village and the beautiful lakes Mankiani & Kareri. The perfect time to visit this place for trekkers is between April to October.

Area: Dhauladhar, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 09 Days
Best Season: April to October
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 4375mts/14245 ft
Total Trekking: 35 K.M

Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Peak, Uttarakhand

If you want to keep away from the glamour of the city life, then you must hide yourself in the laps of the calm Mother Nature. Yes, here we are talking about the beautiful valley of Chopta, which is the most beautiful and scenic place of the country. Located at a height of 2,680 meters above sea level, it is situated in the midst of a lush green forest of oak, deodar, and rhododendron. The mesmerising 5 days Chandrashila Summit Trek passes through lush green meadows and offers you an enchanting view of some popular Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi at 7,817 meters, Kedarnath at 6,831 meters, Trishul at 7,120 meters, Bandarpunch at 6,316 meters and Chaukhamba at 7,138 meters.

Area: Garhwal Himalayas
Duration: 05 Days
Best Season: Round the Year
Grade: Easy
Altitude: 4090 m
Total Trekking: 30 K.M

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trekking trails in Uttarakhand, which is located at the end of the eastern Kumaon region. Located at a height of 4,260 meters above sea level, it is the best option for short trekkers and the best season for this trek is between mid April to mid October. Almora is the starting point for the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek and the trek passes through Dharchula, Sobla, Tawaghat, Dhar, Sela, Duktu and Balling. While crossing this trekking trail, you will explore the eye-catching view of Panchachuli glacier and splendid views of Darma Valley, Alpine meadows, snow capped misty mountains and a heavy range of flora and fauna.

Area: Kumaon Himalaya
Duration: 12 Days (4 days traveling/8 days trekking)
Best Season: Mid April – Mid October
Grade: Moderate
Altitude: 4260 mts/13975 ft
Total Trekking: 110 K.M

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